Amadeus, rent a car Podgorica, FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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  • FAQ - Amadeus Rentacar
  • Can I take and return vehicle Amadeus, rent a car on Podgorica or Tivat airport?

    Yes, you can take and return the vehicle to the,airports in Podgorica and Tivat. This service is free of charge. Drivers will also deliver Amadeus,rent a car vehicles free of charge to cities of Podgorica, Kolasin, Kotor, Perast, Tivat, Budva, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac, Becici, Milocer, Radovici, Buljarica, Sutomore, Dobre Vode, Bar, Ulcinj, Velika Plaza…

  • What happens if I keep the vehicle longer than the agreed term?

    It is necessary to contact us the day before the agreed deadline for returning the vehicle in order to extend the number of rental days and give you a new contract, and in case if your vehicle is already rented to other customer, we will provide you with another vehicle.

  • How do I make a reservation?

    The vehicle can be booked via our contact phones +382 (0) 67 320 327, and +382 (0) 20 647 636, which are operating 24 hours a day, or via our e-mail: [email protected]

  • What to do in case of any accident or damage to the vehicle?

    In case of any traffic accident on the road, beside the police, immediately contact Amadeus, car rentals Podgorica. In the event of any malfunction of the vehicle also contact us and every problem will be solved in the shortest period of time.

  • Can I sign the contract for permanent car rental with Amadeus, car rentals Montenegro?

    Yes. It is possible to sign permanent car rental contract with our company; our company offers many benefits and discounts for contracts for several months and permanent rentals (see rent 12 +).

  • How to leave a deposit?

    The deposit is left in cash, and it is given back upon returning of vehicle, for,car rentals Montenegro VIP Clients, deposit is not required.
    What is rent 12 + (long-term business rental)
    * You invest minimum of time, money and risk in your rolling stock
    * The costs of vehicle rental are accounted for as material costs
    * Renter shall bear the costs of value added tax and amortization expenses only during the rental period
    * Monthly instalments do not change, which allows you to control costs within your company
    * You do not have long-term obligations - you are responsible for the vehicle only while using it
    * Risks associated with ownership of the vehicle bears Amadeus, rent a car Podgorica, Montenegro, not you
    * One monthly invoice covers all the rental costs
    * It is made according to your needs desires and
    Which services are included in Rent 12 +?
    * 50.000 km per year
    * Casco vehicle insurance. Maintenance and servicing of vehicles
    * Mounting of winter tires and storage of summer tires
    * Additional equipment package (floor mats, first aid, warning triangle, tow cable and a set of lights)
    * Replacement vehicle for up to 30 days during one year in case of breakdown or failure of rented vehicle
    * Amadeus,Vip car rentals Podgorica, Vipcard (you recieve VIP card and many discounts when renting a vehicle)

  • What additional services do I have?

    The monthly rental price may include following services:
    * Required insurance for damages caused to third parties
    * Registration of vehicles, technical check
    * Green Card

  • What are the options at the end of the rental period?

    There are two possibilities after the end of the rental period:
    1. return the vehicle, without any further obligations
    2. rent new vehicle

  • Can other person operate a vehicle, except for me?

    Amadeus, car rentals Podgorica, allows more drivers for car and,vehicle rental in Montenegro,.

  • What if I have a problem with the vehicle?

    Amadeus, car rental Budva, provides support at any time. You will receive all the details when renting a vehicle.
    Amadeus, car rental airport Tivat, has the, best rent a car prices in Montenegro, including compulsory Casco insurance.

  • What insurance are there?

    Amadeus, rentacar Podgorica Montenegro, have vehicles insured against damage to third parties (compulsory insurance), and all vehicles have Casco insurance. Participation in the damage is stated in the contract of lease.

  • Is there a limit in terms of age when renting a vehicle?

    You must be 19 years or older and be 1 year or more in the possession of driver’s license. For some (larger) groups of vehicles limits are higher.

  • Which personal documents do I need when renting a vehicle?

    You need to have valid driver’s license issued in your name in the state where your residence is, and personal document with a photo.

  • What is the vehicle rental contract?

    Vehicle rental contract is a contract on the use of rented vehicle, signed by Amadeus, rent a car Podgorica, Montenegro, and vehicle user. Amadeus, rent a car Podgorica, Montenegro, gives a vehicle to the customer to use under the conditions stipulated in this contract.

  • Should I check the condition of the vehicle before driving?

    Yes, it is necessary to check general condition of a vehicle stated in a special form on vehicle condition and if there is any irregularity observed which is not stated, please inform our staff and make sure it is stated in the contract.

  • What happens in case of mechanical breakdown or traffic accident?

    Amadeus, rent a car offices and branches in Montenegro: Amadeus, rent a car Budva, Amadeus, rent a car Bar, Amadeus, car rental Tivat, Amadeus, car rental Kolasin, Amadeus, car rentals Kotor, provide assistance in any time. Phone numbers are listed on the contract and in documents. In case of breakdown or accident for the duration of the lease please call the nearest Amadeus, Rent-a-car office Montenegro. Do not forget to call the police in case of accidents at number 122.

  • Does Amadeus, car rentals Podgorica, offer one-way rental?

    One-way rental within the borders of Montenegro is possible, without additional payment. Vehicle can also be taken and returned to Amadeus, rent a car airport Podgorica, and Amadeus, rent a car airport Tivat, offices. This confirms that a network of offices Amadeus, rent a car Montenegro, gives you an opportunity for one-way rentals between all major airports and cities in Montenegro. For international one-way rental one-way fee is applied, which depends on the place of return.

  • Which types of payment Amadeus, rent a car Podgorica, accepts?

    Amadeus, Rent a car Podgorica, accepts credit cards: Visa, Visa Electron, cirius, master, maestro ..., cash payments, and for legal entities payments to the bank account number 550-11313-94, POB Bank, Societe Generale Group Podgorica, Montenegro. For payments from abroad - swift transfer. Instructions to pay via SWIFT:

Tel: +382(0)67/320-327, +382(0)20/647-636
Fax: +382(0)20/647-636
email: [email protected]